4th 300M AWB delivered by Xiamen Shipbuilding

On Feb 17th, Xiamen Shipbuilding delivered its 4th 300m AWB to the buyer, this unit had its keel-laying on Aug 15, 2013 and its launching on Dec 7, 2013.,hd best fuck

300M AWB Launched by Xiamen Shipbuilding

On Sep 26, the 3rd of its 300m Accommodation Work Barge was launched by Xiamen Shipbuilding, this unit is for the owners from Malaysia.,hot 18+

And it is also the 11th vessel that have been launched so far this year.,sixey xxx

300m accommodation barge lauched by Xiamen shipbuilding

cumshots,300m accommodation barge lauched by Xiamen shipbuilding

75m Platform Supply Vessel Devliered

pornhut su delivered one unit of 75m platform supply vessel (hull number DN75M-18) to the owner early September, this vessel was built in Southeast Shipyard’s Funing facility in Fu’an Ningde.,desi armpit

75m platform supply vessel by Fujian southeast shipyard

75m platform supply vessel by Fujian southeast shipyard,fq porn

Xiamen Shipbuilding Concluded 75m PSV Deal

On September 4, Xiamen Shipbuilding signed the shipbuilding contract for one unit of 75m platform supply vessel with Singapore owner, this is the 41st unit of the osv contract Xiamen Shipbuilding concluded since venturing into the osv building.,sex vdieo

59m AHTS (DN59M-106) Delivered

One unit of 59m anchor handing tug supply vessel(DN59M-106) was delivered to the owner by Southeast Shipyard recently.,gay cock sex

Xiamen Shipbuilding Delivered 2 units of 75m PSV

tnafix.com,Xiamen Shipbuilding delivered 2 units of 75m platform supply vessel to the owners within 2 weeks.

Southeast Shipyard Delivered 78m AHTS

hdporn.,On July 27, Southeast Shipyard delivered one unit of 78m AHTS to the owner.

78m ahts by southeast shipyard

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Steel-cutting for 78m PSV in Southeast Shipyard

desi armpit,On May 19, the steel-cutting for the 9th and 10th 78m platform supply vessel was held in pornhut su, the 2 vessels are expected to be delivered in the 2nd half of 2014.

the steel-cutting for the 78m platform supply vessel

the steel-cutting for the 78m platform supply vessel,fuck party

59m AHST delivered from Funing Shipbuilding

This June 8, one unit of 59m AHTS was delivered by Southeast Shipyard from its Funing facility, this is the 5th of the 59m AHTS series in Fujian.,youpornvideo

Xiamen Shipbuilding Delivered 300m Accommodation Barge

tnafix.com,On May 28, Xiamen Shipbuilding delivered one unit of 300m accommodation barge to the owner.

big fucking,The barge is a kind of living and working boat which could hold 300 persons, maintenance and other relevant facilities.

The ships measures 100m in length, 31.7m in width, 7.3m in depth and 5.0m in design draft.,cumshots